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This is me and my friend Jamila lmao while we try to performance Natalie Imbruglia’s song.


About Amy Sherman-Palladino


Gilmore talk.

These days I was commenting to a friend about series that are in the story, such as: Friends, Full House, Seinfeld, Beverly Hills 90210, among others who have pioneered in the 90s and opened doors for other sitcoms unforgettable and which are still sold boxes and reprised.
All above mentioned, and like the vast majority, exaggerate the cliché, which gives us that feeling that we’ve seen this story and I already know the ending.
With all this bla bla bla, I really want to get into a curious detail, and that made me wonder too much the work of Amy in Gilmore girls, because she managed to create new scenarios in which we could not imagine, why would not exactly something for television, and that was when she hit.
Yesterday I finished one more time to review the series, and the fascinating is that you expect a happy ending, those in which the guy gets the girl, and the daughter graduates, gets the dream job and marries a rich guy.
The independence of Amy’s characters is so honest, that it may look like the life of your maiden aunt, the flirt girl next door, or “stranded” cousin.
The character of Lorelai, rebellious in healthier way possible, was created with much praise. And all her relationship with her parents, and her daughter, is closer to the reality I’ve got to see any series abroad, pseudo-cool or not.
The Tv Show in no time was corrupted to suit the public, and that made it a benchmark.
The footprint Sherman-Palladino, who shared the screenplay with her husband, comes from the quick texts, sarcastic, with drama and comedy together. When speaking of script that will talk about relationship between mother and daughter, soon we think of something forced, full of morality, repetitive afflicted and dialogues too obvious, but the Amy’s texts are extraordinary, light, inspiring, unexpected and super creative. I know she has worked with texts for the sitcom Veronica’s closet and now it’s on a new series called Bunheads, but I confess I do not know much about them, and I’m even afraid to follow up and let me down, because every genius will always be a genius with something in particular, without repetition, and the milestone it is there, in the words moved by the coffee of the Gilmores.
So, I want to invite you to dive in Stars Hollow, even if it’s a little too late, so we can have a cup of coffee and talk about geniuses like this, and grab the example the mood of the characters and independence, knowing that to live according to the precepts of society beyond be boring, is artificial. Unleash what’s inside of you and be a Gilmore girl too!!


Looking for a photo cover

stupid diary 2

Hey all!
I’m going to republish my book “O diário idiota de Rafaela” in english version and I’m looking for people interested in having your photo on a cover of a book with all credits on it.
This book was officially published in 2011 by Clube de Autores and as long as I have many foreign friends interested in acquiring a copy, I was thinking of it available in e-book version for free. What do you think? Would you be interested of being part of this new project? Let me know. Send me your e-mail so we can talk a little bit about it:

Gabriella Lima