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May, 2013

A thousand times later… lol.

Hey all! I’m with the project of publishing the book O diário idiota de Rafaela in e-book format in the English version and it will be available free of charge to readers. What did you think?

February, 2012
Gabriella Lima in biennial, Brasilia 2012.

Hi readers and friends!
I bring news with joy.
In April,will happen the first Biennial of book in Brasilia and I’ll be participating in a contest with my book “O diário idiota de Rafaela” in the category Children and Youth.
The event will be for a week in the Esplanade of Ministries.
You can check out the website below:
There will be five judges evaluating works published in 2010 and 2011. There will be businessmen, journalists, writers, publishers and many people involved with literary. I’m so excited!
I would love you to visit the website of the publisher who published my book–O_DIARIO_IDIOTA_DE_RAFAELA and also acquire your copy. Let’s make some noise together with Rafa, why not? People who have purchased the book and send me a picture with it, I am sending by e-mail a personalized and autographed brand page. It’s the least I can do for friends who have given me support.
Again I thank the friends who made my book come true: Laiany Crispin, Amanda Sarmento, Erica Si and Ana Paula Moura. I also thank Pollyana Ferraz and Mista Magazine for publishing my articles. Your magazine is indeed a cultural difference in Valadares. This city needs a lot of people like you.
Again I leave my page on Recanto Das Letras so you can read the latest publications. / authors / gabriellalima.
Ufa! I guess that’s all for now.
keep visiting my portal in Clube dos Autores.
Kiss you all!

April, 2011
My new projects, my debut book.

December, 21st – 2010

Hi everybody!! How have you been?
Well, I bring some news to you, but first, I’d like to wish all you guys a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. I really hope that 2011 be better than 2010, which for me was awesome!
I finally changed of job but I confess I’m not sure if I’m gonna stay here for a long time. This “time off” has been a good moment to promote my new book “O diário idiota de Rafaela” (Stupid diary of Raphaela) which is already in the revision. Yes, this book is a quite surprise for me because as you know, I was working intensively and I’m still, with the vampire story but Rafaela is gonna be a great opportunity to get fans quickly since it’s a pop and commercial story.
Ana Paula Moura is responsible for the presentation of the book.

by Ana Paula Moura

”What can we understand about normal life? We wouldn’t be all crazy living in total frenzy!
Rafaela, like many girls, has lovers, platonic passions, but she feels different because she has character and attitudes that occur suddenly.
Unreasonable actions, misunderstood words, which for many people reveals a mind that needs help.
For two years, our Rafa tells in this stupid diary a daily battle against maniac-depressive disorder, a disease which is believed to suffer. She goes through ups and downs, cries, laughs and live strong emotions in trips that were sometimes mere imagination. A troubled life, sometimes for traumas sustained in everyday life, others by memories that never knew she had awakened from her unconscious. The culprit would be her virtual love, that makes her life turn upside down, but this torment dies with time.
This is Rafaela, living each moment so intensely that even her dreams believed to be real, and keep a dialogue with her diary that accepts everything she writes, might be a way to stay connected to reality.”

Stay tuned on my
See you!!

November, 09th – 2010

Gosh! Am I in a middle of identity crisis? Yes, I was almost there.
Guess what? I had to stop writing for a while my vampire story because I’m so full of college’s stuff to do and I’m lack of inspiration. I mean, this specific inspiration. BUT, after some months later, I returned writing that Diary of Rafaela, remember? I started last year writing some bullshits but can you believe all that notes it’s gonna give me, maybe, my first publication? It’s popular, awkward, stupid and very personal. Everybody likes to follow some personal diary, AND, this one it’s so cool to know it all. How am I getting those ideas? Well, it’s kinda I’m collecting some testimonials and writing as it was Rafaela’s thought. Her point of view it’s amazing, and everyone is gonna love how she describes her fake life.
I’m quitting my job and probably I will take December off, so I can work on my books and finish this second semester which it has been kinda hard to me to conciliate.
For the second time in my life I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I’m sure one thing: I wanna work less and gain much money. Lol. Yes man. Who works to much doesn’t have time to spend its money. Am I wrong?
Well, the lastest news and not the less important: I’m gonna publish one of my chronicles at Revista Mista this month. Cheers! The name is O SALTO. I thank to Mista’s team for this opportunity.
Guys, have a nice November. Ohh, thanksgiving is coming!!!

september,14th -2010

Hey you all.
After all the success of my vampire tale at Recanto das Letras, brazilian website, I finally started to work on my full story. The name is Reencarnação vampírica and I can say it’s an unique romance and not a love story. Many readers have already labeled the story as a lesbian romance, but I say for sure it’s more than this. Actually it’s an allegory about the H. word.
In the story, you can see through reincarnation all the possibilities people can return to life without labels, genre or social economic situation.
Many people also said that it’s a Twilight homo version. But folks! Do not label my story because it’s completly different and I did not get inspired in any vampire romance. Of course I got some ideas of old vampire icons like Cain, Lillith and also the fallen angel Lucifer which is a vampire in my version.
I’m not sure yet when I’m gonna publish, but I’m working on it and I will let you know all about it always I get some news.
If you can read in portuguese, please check this weblog where you can find quotes, interviews, feedbacks and many information about the novel.
You can also send me questions and suggestions about anything on
Check it out all my updates here:
I see you
Gabriella Lima

july 9th, 2010
Another Roxy’s feat
I’m in a rush guys. Follow me at

June, 19,2010
I’ve got some news. Musical news, as usual lol
Well, our covers at the youtube channel is ‘rocking’. The next cover I’m planning to record is a song from We are the fallen, Ben Moody’s band called “Sleep well my angel”. This time we will have Eddie’s feat on the vocal.
Guess what? I’m on vacation from college!!! yeah. Time to finish my second tale of my new vampire serie. I really intend to finish my demo CD. And next month I’ll be traveling to a winter’s local festival of Culture in São João del Rei – MG. Many things to see, bunch things to learn.
Well, I think it’s all for now. See you around.

may 18,2010
The audio of the Veronica’s song is ready. Hope you enjoy!

may 05,2010

Hey you guys! I’m back into music set again and this time André and I are recording Take me on the floor from The Veronicas. We might choose more songs to make covers and I intend finishing our demo CD in july (Enfart’s), when I get my nights off from college.
Well, Guess it’s all for now. See yall.

Check it out Roxy (G.Lima) playing with Os extremos

Gabriella will be participating in the IV rock festival on the anniversary of the city of Governador Valadares – MG.
Os extremos and bands across the country will be competing cash prizes and recording the song that will play on the radio.

Festcan and Fera (1°day)- January 29, 2010.
Local: Praça dos Pioneiros
Time: 7pm

Festcan and Fera (2°day) – January 30,2010.
Local: Praça dos Pioneiros

See the order of the bands on the website below.



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