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Gilmorism: A pop-tart issue.

Those people who really know me know a little about my addictions, and one of them is the TV show Gilmore Girls.
One of these days I enjoyed the good humor of my friend Samira and we recorded one of the conversations I love of the series.
When I talk about Lorelai Gilmore being a great philosopher nobody takes me seriously. But have you ever wondered if what you like is actually something you like? Or is something influenced by someone? Are these and other issues that are in the midst of the funny dialogues and powered coffee of Amy Sherman Palladino. 
Take 2 minutes and listening to this smart conversation today.



Living away for while

I am searching so many things that my old priorities are away from me. Sure I miss this thing here, but if I do not focus a little while, something I’ve been doing it, I’ll lose myself. I have discovered so many things I can be able to love that I’m thrilled. I’m studying hard all opportunities I can have. The do and dont’s. I just found out I’m in love with country music. HellYeah! And I also can be good at math. lol

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See you all around!


Brazilia, oh Brazilia!

Hey you guys! As everybody knows, I’m living in the capital of Brazil for a year and It’s been so amazing.

Every morning I wake up in love with “her”.

I’ve been doing some videoLogs about casuals things and I’m posting them on my channel on

I’d like to present to you the first one, which I show people my way to my job every day with my “friend” Matilda. (the bike).

Today I’m uploading the second one which I’m visiting the JK Memorial.

Stay tuned!

For more videos, check it out:



Gabriella Lima in biennial, Brasilia 2012.


Hi readers and friends!
I bring news with joy.
In April,will happen the first Biennial of book in Brasilia and I’ll be participating in a contest with my book “O diário idiota de Rafaela” in the category Children and Youth.
The event will be for a week in the Esplanade of Ministries.

You can check out the website below:


There will be five judges evaluating works published in 2010 and 2011. There will be businessmen, journalists, writers, publishers and many people involved with literary. I’m so excited!
I would love you to visit the website of the publisher who published my book–O_DIARIO_IDIOTA_DE_RAFAELA and also acquire your copy. Let’s make some noise together with Rafa, why not? People who have purchased the book and send me a picture with it, I am sending by e-mail a personalized and autographed brand page. It’s the least I can do for friends who have given me support.
Again I thank the friends who made my book come true: Laiany Crispin, Amanda Sarmento, Erica Si and Ana Paula Moura. I also thank Pollyana Ferraz and Mista Magazine for publishing my articles. Your magazine is indeed a cultural difference in Valadares. This city needs a lot of people like you.
Again I leave my page on Recanto Das Letras so you can read the latest publications. / authors / gabriellalima.

Ufa! I guess that’s all for now.

keep visiting my portal in Clube dos Autores.

Kiss you all!

News (?)

Dear, readers.
I know I’m not posting articles here recently, but sometimes I find myself in a very hollow and turbulent moment, and when this happen, I need to focus in the other side of my brain.
Anyway I do not totally disappeared, you can still find myself on my portuguese pages:

And please, wait. My new book is coming very soon. That’s why I’ve been so out of my mind…