Beauty artist Paola Gavazzi

Love at the first “watched”

It was almost four months ago when my sister introduced me this persona. To be sincere she kept inviting me to go to her home to watch a “crazy-girl’s” video that made her amused and that she was sure I’d love. Bull’s eye! I watched all of the videos for almost 4 hours straight uploaded on Youtube. Nowadays even my 5 year-old nephew loves when I’m watching her “tricks” at my sis’ home. YES! Paola is already part of my family. The beauty artist Paola Gavazzi isn’t just another cute face that you see anywhere. She is creative, original, intelligent, absolute (I love this word), super funny and very, very competent about she does. Fashion lover since a long time ago, Paola has been coloring the Brazilian women helping them to find an identity, self-confidence, self-esteem and happiness. With well-produced and funny videos you can learn how to apply make up by yourself and have a fashion notion.
I want to thank the opportunity of interviewing her. She’s very gentle and considerate, I want to introduce this new phenomenon of fashion from the Youtube to the readers of Recanto das Letras and Introspectors blog.

Gabriella Lima – To get started, define make up in 3 words.
Paola Gavazzi – Art, self-esteem and fun.

G.L. – I wish I could interview you face to face but I feel so close to you watching the videos every Friday on Youtube “Truques de Maquiagem” (“Make-up Tricks”). Tell us how you career as a make-up artist and photographer started.
P.G. – I started as a make-up artist when I was 14 when my mom gave me a brushes kit. Since then I’ve never stopped studying and improving my skills. Next I was applying make-up on my friends, on my friends’ friend, working in a beauty salon with other make-up artists and everything else a busy career can offer. About photography, I fell in love with it in 1995 while I was taking my second year at college (I majored in Fashion Design). I worked for magazines with great fashion photographers and I could join everything I most loved: beauty and photography. Everything has been together (beauty and photos) and it potentiated my pleasure and my contact with people. “Beauty artist” – that’s how I feel nowadays.

G.L. – Who or what inspired you? You can feel free to tell the names.
P.G. – I’ve never had a concrete inspiration because I’ve always felt free at work, free to create, boost the steem of whoever I could. I could get to work with excellent professionals of each branch (make-up and photography) and I think that each one contributed to my school, to my passion. I’ve met many nice people and I could have an art exchange with them. Today, everything inspires me: the spectators, my friends, the professional friends… I think I’m alive to support all the same way I am accepted (and with so much affection!).

G.L. – It’s very funny the way you interact with the spectators/camera. Tell me everything! Are you really this cool or you create a character to let the videos more dynamic?
P.G. – I had been more fucking mad than I am today, but we calm down according to our age. In the videos I extrapolate my personality but it’s me. I like to joke and laugh out loud, I try to live in high spirits. Certainly I can affirm one thing: I cannot do something in my life without sincerity; from the things I say until the way I say. I give my body and soul to what I offer myself to do and we can only bear it if it comes from the heart. The rhythm is very crazy!

G.L. – Today you count on Fred, who produces your videos and Mare who helps you with the questions made on you blog. Are there any other people involved with Truques de Maquiagem?
P.G. – Yes! I say I’m lucky for working with people I love that I enjoy and that give their best to the company. There’s the producer DDFilmes (Fred and Dário), Jane (who takes care of running the Studio) and many other people that join the family TdM. Everybody united to build and work in something each time better to the audience.

G.L. – Once I commented by e-mails (I think it was Mare) that you all would be successful in a TV program. Frankly, the audience would be enormous! The number of access on youtube is fantastic.
P.G. – (Laughing) WOW! Every day I thank the acceptance of the spectators. When we do something with love (and we are reciprocated) it’s amazing! All the team gets full of energy to do more and more! And everything must happen at the right time, at the right moment. The TV already knows about the Beauty Drops, and if everything goes to the tube, it will have to be mainly to the sake of the spectators.

G.L. – Tell us all the secrets about the make-up brands you would advice us to use. (Of course we want to use what you use, cutie!)
P.G. – I normally don’t advice about the brands, I do about the products that work. From the cheapest to the most expensive. There are thousands and what’s good for me may be bad for you. The positive result of a product depends on the correct information: the way you apply it, the weather, kind of skin, life style… All of this interferes. When I use a product I try to think about its variables without considering what it represented purely to me. That’s why not only me but my team test the products and make reports to control it. The information and looking at the thing in a softer way can transform that product that was without any use.

G.L. – Your Studio just hosts you previous clients. Damn! I wish I could dye my hair with you! Do you have any plan of opening it to the public?
P.G. – The Studio will open its door soon, but it’s very different than a beauty salon. It’s a private space that the client have. It’s the space to take care of her beauty and do whatever she wants. It’s a life style, a “Paola’s world”, and an experience that the person accepts to have, that’s why we’ll work with a list of guests through inscription. It’s a corner of São Paulo where beauty is art and the person is exclusive, ‘cause that’s how I feel in every job I gave myself to do. Quality instead of quantity. It’s a general philosophy. Very funny.

G.L. – Have you ever thought about workshop ma’am?
P.G. Yes, I have thought about it many times, but I have a crazy schedule! I say I work 24h a day even sleeping! (Laughing). That’s the price of doing many things and taking care of the business: That’s craziness! As soon as possible, tThe courses and workshops will be on my plans.

G.L. – How long do you plan to have the Beauty Drops program on air?
P.G. – As much as I can bear it! The DDFilmes and I make the films with much love and we intend to do it for many and many years!

And the beautiful woman says goodbye leaving a big kiss to all that have followed her work at Truques the Maquiagem blog and Beauty Drops on Youtube.
I hope you, beloved readers, liked!

Interview by Gabriella Lima
English version: Juliana Mazzetto Tozelli.


Streamer Bendy interview to Brazil

New band on the block

I’m suspect to talk about Australian bands because almost of my favorite musicians come from “Aussie”. Missy Higgins, Orianthi, The Veronicas, AC.DC, Silver Chair, don’t let me lie. After listening to a new hit on youtube channel “Sweet treat” from Streamer Bendy I fell in love almost instantly.
But for God’s sake who are they?
Streamer Bendy is a hard pop band from Brisbane, AU. Yeah, hard pop, as they talk on the interview to Gabriella Lima in Brazil. Oh no! They are not in Brazil yet, ok? YET. They are cute, talented, creative and now with their new official video clip “You’re so cool” they are ready to rock on tour.Yeah, I believe so.
I’d like to Thank Erinn, Matt, Damon, Alex and James for the interview and we are waiting you guys with “Sweet treat tour”. Rá! Imagine?!
Check it out the interview on vimeo.

For more informations visit their myspace and for “You’re so cool” video clip.

The Vampire diaries’ author

For those who loves the Vampire Diaries.
Check it out some informations about the author Jane Smith

When did you know you wanted to become a writer?
I think I was six. I was in first grade and my teacher got this immortal poem out of me:

I see a bird upon its nest
It has no time to sit and rest
This little bird cannot have fun
Because its work is never done.

That was it. But, seriously, I can’t remember any time before I was writing stories in my head. When I finally grew up enough to let them out onto paper, I found that people liked them. But I would have been a writer anyway—even if people had hated them—because it’s something involuntary in my brain. It doesn’t much like reality, and so it makes up stories to escape.

What’s your favorite color?
Aquamarine. Really. The color of the stones, though—clear blue, not blue-green.

Who is your favorite character?
A guy called Sam Vimes, from Terry Pratchett’s Diskworld. If you haven’t read these books—and start with Night Watch or another of his recent ones—you’re really missing something. Or do you mean my favorite from my books? Damon is the most fun to write, which is why I can’t resist writing a fifth Vampire Diaries book about him. Ash and Quinn are fun to write, in the same way. Of the heroines, I have a fondness for both the really ditzy, like Bonnie, and Iliana, and the really strong, like Keller, Rashel, Elena, or Hannah. Hardest to write, but most rewarding, are the ones who start out meek and scared and end up leaders, like Cassie in Secret Circle and Sarah in Strange Fate.

Who is your favorite author?
The forenamed Terry Pratchett ties with Frances Hodgson Burnett for her adult books. Out of print, hard to get, Burnett’s books like The Shuttle, The Head of the House of Coombe,and many others are always a delight and an escape. FHB was a militant optimist, a quality I’m trying to hang on to.

Do you write your favorite authors fan letters?
Well, no. Terry Pratchett gets quite as many as are good for him; I’m sure. And Frances Hodgson Burnett lived at the turn of the previous century. But I’d like her to know, wherever she is, that someone down here still appreciates her work.

Do you believe in soulmates?
Ah, me. Yes, in a way I do. We all craft our own destinies. Obviously, if you’re stuck out in the tundra, and your soulmate lives in Hawaii, you’re going to have a harder time finding each other. But enter the Internet. These days it’s a lot easier getting in touch with your soulmate—I know several couples who’ve met on the Web. But on other days I curse the whole idea, because I don’t want to give anyone—especially any young women—the idea that they are not complete without a man, or that they need a man in order to be fulfilled or whole. You are you, complete, without half of you missing, all by yourself. If you find a soulmate, then that’s wonderful. If you don’t, that’s still wonderful, if you can be happy, or even make other people happy.

Do you believe in magic?
Oh, yes indeed! Can you look straight at a full harvest moon and think that humans havewalked on it—and tell me that’s not magic? It’s science, too, of course, but that’s just a matter of terminology. Can you look at this screen and know that I typed in these words at 7:30 A.M. on a cold, white-skied winter morning and that you’re reading exactly the thoughts that were in my head back on that morning—and say it’s not magic? Can you believe that the last I heard they’d found a dinosaur mummy with skin and organs preserved, that there may be not four but eleven or more dimensions, or that I can make mushroom risotto in three minutes and think that there’s no magic?
Of other kinds of magic the most that I can say is that I don’t know. I’ve had some magical moments in my life, and some uncanny things happen. I’ve been waiting since I was nine, breathlessly sure that magic was going to happen at any moment, and at any moment I may be right.

How did you get the inspiration for Elena/Nick/Keller/Hannah/Jez/Ash/Cassie/Hellewise?
I don’t know. Not the way books on ‘How to Write’ say to make up a character, I do know that. I can’t explain the way any of these characters became real people to me; there was a need for a character to do such-and-such and they all grew in the writing. It’s something that happens below the level of my consciousness. I know that’s not a very good answer but it’s the best I can do. If it helps, I’ve always tried to do anti-stereotypes, the Homecoming Queen who ends up with only a few true friends, the sheriff who’s a woman. I plan to do more multinational characters in the future.

For more information visit her own blog:

The Veronicas’ fashion – Interview

Do you care what other people think of what you are wearing?
Lisa: I care what my friends and family think of what I’m wearing. Or people if I like their style and they want to give me their opinions.
Jess: But if it’s the media or other people like that, or if I get my hair colored and fans don’t like it. I like to read about it, but in the end I’ll make my own decisions.

Where did u get your lipsticks and what’s your fave shade?
Jess: I actually don’t use many lipsticks. I mainly use lip liners. Clinique has great lip liners…Revlon and Almay have great colors too.

What for things do you use for your make up? I mean do you use eyeliner and mascara or something else?
Lisa: We usually do quite something smokey underneath our eyes and maybe a little more straighter at the top. Kinda cat eye at the top with black. We like to use shimmery eye shadow as well to add a glittery effect. We like to use light pink blushes also.
Jess: For our lips we always put lip-liner on at first and then lipstick. I hate lip-gloss. Lisa loves lip-gloss. I can’t stand it. I put lip-gloss on, and I take it off after two minutes. I usually like really matte lips.

Who are your style icons?
Jess: I’m more into eras, like the early 90’s and the 50’s. But I love Dita Von Teese’s look.
Lisa: I dress for my mood. I get a lot of inspiration from Jess, but wear things differently. Jess takes a lot of risks and really owns it. I love Japanese fashion mags and the Olsen twins, when they’re not wearing fur – that’s just disgusting.

I wanna know what inspires your make up?
Jess: I guess our mood inspires our make-up. Sometimes we’re in the mood for bright lips, sometimes dark lips, sometimes nude lips with dark eyes. It’s probably kind of whatever we’re into style wise at the time, so if we’re into the rock-and roll theme, we’ll do more heavier eye makeup and lighter lips or the opposite- really dark lips and light eyes.
Lisa: Or if I’m wearing baby doll dresses, I might wear not as much make up but do more with my hair or something.

Lisa, what is your favorite moisturizer for skin?
Lisa: Clinique Dramatic Difference. I don’t buy products that test on animals. So that’s a big thing for me when I’m looking for makeup or beauty products.

What do you girls do to make things look your own?
Lisa: I mean we like to play around when we’ve got the time. Things like if you’ve got really cool high boots, get necklaces and wrap them around the top and kind of make like Doc Marten boot straps with your boots. Get creative and figure out cool ways to make the outfits work for you.
Jess: We like little details. If you buy cool earrings stick them onto your jacket. We love safety pins, so just putting safety pins on things even, can make things a little different especially if you’re shopping at places like H&M and American Apparel, that have kind of like basic pieces, we like to write slogans on stuff and we like to buy badges and put them all over stuff. Rip things up. Cut things.

What kind of scents/perfumes do you guys usually wear or like?
Jess: We really like White Musk from The Body Shop. We’re really into oils too.
Lisa: I recently got this really great oil, this Egyptian product from some hippie store. I love it.

And where do u get all of your cool hats?
Jess: Lisa’s the one who wears all the cool hats. She gets them from all over. A lot of times we get them from costume stores. There’s this great costume store in New York where we got two hats from. It’s really, really cool.
Lisa: We have a lot of beanies too. Our main ones we get from H&M and Hot Topic.

So I would like to know if you guys really wear contacts or do you just like the color ones?
Jess & Lisa: We just like the color ones. We actually have great vision. We’ve actually tried to get contacts, but unfortunately not, so we just wear the color ones.

When you alter your clothes, how do you normally do it?
Jess & Lisa: We’re definitely not careful with it. I think the best way to make your shirts look all cool and ripped is to actually just go and rip them, and if you rip it too far or wrong, you just safety-pin it back together. That’s the way to do it.

When you’re back in LA, where do normally like to shop?
Lisa & Jess: We love Melrose. All the vintage stores on Melrose and Popular on Sunset.

Other than vintage stores, where to you get most of your clothes?
Lisa & Jess: We mostly get our clothes from vintage stores. Otherwise we like to shop in London. We visit some really cool stores, one called All Saints. It’s got a vintage feel, but a bit more theatrical. And then there’s Top Shop, which is more like an H&M kinda vibe but even more edgy and a bit more catwalk.

Should you change your style if your friends think your going overboard?
Lisa & Jess: No, do your own thing. You don’t have to blend in unless you want to, but sometimes it’s fun to theme your outfits with your friends as well, but if you’re happy doing your thing, then that’s fine if they don’t like it.
Lisa and I have arguments all the time, where I’ll be like “Ugh, why are you wearing that? It looks horrible!” She’ll turn around and say, “I don’t care, I like it,” and I’ll be like “Oh, okay, well alright.”

Do you choose different outfits based on what you’re doing (ie performing on stage, red carpet premiere’s, etc)?
Jess & Lisa: Yeah, I guess, in relation to the event- if it’s a more dressy event or if we can go more rocked out. Or if it’s red carpet, we make sure we something great that will photograph really well, so definitely.

What’s your favorite city to shop in?
Jess & Lisa: London by far. London’s got the best fashion. I loved it there. Really cool.

Do you shop online? If so, what are your favorite websites?
Jess & Lisa: Nope, We don’t. We were just told eBay shopping is the best in the world because it’s so cheap and you can get great stuff. I think we should get into it. We need someone to show us how to do it. We’ve heard it’s the shit.

Do you ever wear clothes fans give you? If so, what’s your favorite item?
Jess & Lisa: Yes, we do! I remember fans made this really cool shirt once. It was a long singlet top, but they did all these paintings on it and put all these badges and safety-pins and sewed all these buttons and stuff on it. It was awesome.

What’s different about the styles in America than the styles in Aussie ??
Jess & Lisa: I think we feel like Australia and the UK are a lot more fashion-forward and not as conservative as America. A lot of American fashion is more stand-still, conservative, and specific. It’s very trend-oriented. Whereas it’s a lot more out-there and experimental in Australia and the UK.

What do you think of your style when you look back at old pictures?
Lisa & Jess: Half the time I think “What was we thinking?”, half the time I think “Wow, that was cool, good on me for doing that.” I don’t know – again it’s easy to kind of wear something really boring and always look timeless. But I think that’s a bit boring. I mean it’s nice to have those looks for certain things, but as far as in general, we like to take risks or dress our mood.

Jess, what was your favorite color hair?
Jess: Black. I think always black, but I like being blonde and being a red head. But black is always the best.

I was wondering where you got your ****WicKed**** ass leggings from?
Lisa & Jess: There are a lot of different stores where we get our leggings; our favorite ones are probably the sparkly ones. The brand’s called the Costume Dept. The designer is Shawn, who lives in LA, and these leggings are the best.

What would you say not to wear and why?
Lisa & Jess: I don’t think there’s anything I would say not to wear because everyone’s got their own style and people do different things, and some things I think would look horrible some people pull off and look great. I prefer people who take risks than look boring. But I wouldn’t wear fur. Don’t wear fur because it’s not necessary these days with such great fake fur around or other things to keep you warm.

What other celeb would you say is fashion forward (besides you guys)?
Lisa & Jess: We love a lot of British fashion so people like Kate Moss, Peaches, people who look different. I don’t really like Lady Gaga’s sense of style, but she does look different which I appreciate.


Interview with Gabriella Lima

What are you listening right now?
G. Wow! I’m sure if you ask this question for my pals from work they will absolutely tell in choir: The Veronicas. I joke saying that I’m converting people to Veronica’s religion. Lol

What was the last DVD you saw?
G. Let me see… I’ve been watching Pushing daises but DVD movie… Jesus, I can’t remember. I think the last I saw it was The queen of the damned. Once again, as usual.

What was the last website you bookmarked?
G. Hum. Lisa Jane Smith. I’m following her blog.

Who are your favorite designers?
G. Actually I don’t have one. But I like Elisabeth and James even though we don’t have it here. I like Roxy, Chilli Beans and some nationals brands.

What is your bedtime routine?
G. A shower, of course, and if I’m too stressed out I like to take care of my face skin with astringent and moisturizer. I usually play the keyboard or the guitar, read my schedule for tomorrow and I fall asleep quickly.

If I were a color…
G. Purple. For sure.
If I were a record…
G. Hum. Anything from Amy Lee. Nothing describes my feelings more than her songs do.
If I were a city…
G. São Paulo.
If I were a website…
G. Hum.. youtube? Well, it depends. For music is youtube, for fashion I like Elizabeth and James and something about publicity and ‘making’ friends I like Orkut.
If I were a clothing style…
G. Alternative, Vintage.
Dog or Cat?
G. Dog.
Sex or music?
G. Gosh! Music?
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
G. Britney.
Neighbor or traffic?
G. None of them. Ok. Traffic.
The last phone call.
G. My old sister.
The last message.
G. The last I wrote? Well, “Babe, where r u? We are @ auditorium and I booked a place 2 u.”
Blood or poison?
G. Hahahah Coffee? Ok. Blood. Blood and sex? Alright. Blood…
Reading or writing?
G. Man! Both are snapshots. If I read, I write. If I write, I read… Odd question. Ok. Reading.

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