“Ready to be in the spotlight”
Once, Seventeen magazine said:
“You’re confident, talented, and humble, which gives you the perfect characteristics of stardom. Can we have your autograph?! Your fame will match that of classic Hollywood starlets like Emma Roberts and Jennifer Hudson who are successful and poised on the red carpet and hard-working on set. Ready to get famous? Aim to be the lead at school play or participate in the talent show so that all eyes are on you.”

The author of “O diário idiota de Rafaela”, Gabriella Lima, was born in 1985 in Minas Gerais, Brazil, she writes chronicles and articles on a brazilian webpage Recanto das Letras. Known to her friends as “multi-uso” artist, because she’s always involved with music, literature and plays.
“I had this rock band a couple of years ago and it was pretty much fun. I play music since I was 12. When I met André Soares, we became very close. He started making my dreams come true. We played covers of Evanescence (my favorite band ever) and we recorded some own songs, but music was always a healthy hobby, not big deal. I really wanted to live from my publishing.”
She lives in Brazilia – DF, and she’s very proud of being around such inspiring place.
Interviewed by Neny Salgado ( on youtube channel, she talks about her new first book and tells how it all began.
“When I was 10, I got this first journal. I started reporting every silly things. Later, I was creating sequences of movies I liked. For example, I wrote ‘Scream 4’ before Wes Craven. (LOL). Really, it was in 2001, I guess. Damn, I was weird.”
She said that writing is the cheapest therapy ever, and when you look to what you wrote years ago, you can compare anything you’re doing on the moment and analyze yourself.
“I think it’s pretty clever. I’m always analyzing myself. This makes me stronger and wiser.”

Her favorites authors are: Augusto Cury, Clarice Lispector, Waleska Zibetti, Suzana Barbi, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud.
Inspiration’s band: Evanescence, She & Him, The Corrs, Joan Jett, Garbage, Marit Larsen.
Idols: Sabina Spielrein, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Wes Craven, Audrey Hepburn.



    1. Thanx for the comment.I love english a lot because we can comunicate with many people from all over the world, don’t you agree? Where do you live, sir?I used to live in Campinas, and I miss that place so much. See youGabriella Lima

      “A arte um ato de congelar momentos, tantos de dor, alegria ou angstia. o que impulsiona o homem sensvel atingir o inalcansvel, o perfeito.” Gabriella C.Lima Visitem meu site:

  1. Gabi, Its Rukita (Simpatica) here!! wow! you are a talented girl, this talent you have it with you, inside you!!! you can move far!! God bless you!

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